Monday, April 28, 2008

Promotion Time!!

Are you looking for that perfect gift to give someone?? How about a gift card to have their pictures done? For a limited time only, I will DOUBLE your gift card order!!! If you purchase a $500.00 gift card, the card will be for $1000.00!!! There is a minimum order of $250.00. The additional amount has to be used towards prints and cannot be used for another sitting fee. You do not have to give the additional amount to the recipient of the can keep it for yourself to use towards your own prints. I only have a couple of these available so get them now before they are gone forever. These are THE perfect gift to give new parents!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Erin & Cory Together...

Warning...this is a really LONG post! It was too hard to pick only a couple of favorites...I love them all! Stay tuned for an AMAZING promotion and a review on another lens that I borrowed this week :) Ok...I'm off to watch the new episode of "The Office!" Thank the lord that the writer's strike is FINALLY over and new episodes are airing :) My weekly dose of Michael makes me happy!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Meet Cory!

As is Erin's sister, Cory! Isn't she gorgeous?? She is going to be a junior this year but we thought we could get a head start. It is way more fun to shoot with your sister or friend :)

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Senior Reps!

Meet my first senior rep for Edgewater High. Isn't she gorgeous?? I met her mom through PTA networking and I asked her if her daughters would be interested in being senior reps for me. Basically, they get a free shoot and in exchange, they hand out cards with their pictures and my information to their friends. If anyone is interested in being a senior rep for me, please shoot me an e-mail. I would love to find people at other schools around Orlando :)

Anyway...I borrowed a lens for another shoot that I was doing and it got rained out...both days, boo! I hate that! So, I didn't want to let that lens go to waste so I thought I would see if the girls (her sister came too) were available and they were! We had an AMAZING shoot...these girls were up for absolutely anything. I dragged them into some intersting places and we were all filthy, bruised, and bleeding (stabbed by thorns) by the end of the shoot. It was SO worth it though...wait until you see the pictures!! I am going to split it up into three posts because I have waayy too many pictures to share for just one post!

Here is Erin...she will be a senior (that is a graduating senior) next year. I have to change my category to "Grads" because it has been brought to my attention that people think Seniors means old people. If I WERE shooting older people, I certainly wouldn't name their category "seniors" awful!! But apparantely it is confusing so I will comply and change it :) Ok...I just got way off Erin!

We stood over an air conditioning unit to get her hair to blow :)

Tomorrow, I will post her sister's individual portraits and then I will post the pictures of them together. All I can say is they are AMAZING!! I don't envy their parents for having to pick out their favorites because I only narrowed it down to's just too hard to pick favorites!
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