Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brillante Family Sneak Peek!

Wahoo! Two blog posts in one day!! This is a sneak peek for a family that I photographed last week. I hope you like them :) You should have your link on Friday!

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First...I have no idea why this is being underlined? Sorry...I don't know how to fix it! Back to the baby...he was the biggest newborn I've had yet, weighing in at a whooping 10 lbs 6 oz! Can you believe his mom was jumping around like she didn't have a ginormous baby in her belly?? This was taken a few short weeks before his birth...

She was so excited...she was dancing in the backyard :)
And here is the big boy himself...he was SOOO good to me! Even though he was huge and more like a three month old...he was still all squishy like a newborn. His mom was smart and had me on her hospital calling list so that we could schedule their appointment right away! He was only 4 days old here...

We had to work very hard for this picture...but he was so good...he hardly even noticed!

Big sister Raleigh...we were lucky to get this one!

See...I knew if I didn't put pressure on myself, I would blog again today! Yay! In other news...why did the underlining end? Also...what does a surgeon do if they are in the middle of surgery, about to cut something important and an earthquake hits? Something to think about! I'm glad we don't have those here! At least we know hurricanes are coming! I know, I'm random...I think I have a little bit of A.D.D :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Parkhill Family!

This gorgeous family won a free sitting with me thru Kindermusik last semester! We were FINALLY able to coordinate schedules and do their radtastic session at the beach. I am thinking about doing a mini-session date at the beach....would anyone be interested in that? Let me know so I can squeeze it into my holiday schedule! I have a couple new Christmas cards that I am launching this year that would be perfect with a beach session! I will debut them on the blog soon.

Cutie patooties!
Gorgeous family...
I love this series with dad and little man...

Look how sweet the kids' faces are...I love brother and sister love!
Miss sassy pants...

LOVE these pictures of Chloe!! I had to borrow yet another lens for different shoot I had the same week so of course I was rockin it this shoot too! Love it, need it ASAP! Unfortunately, this lens also runs about $1600.00 :(

So sweet!

These are my favorites from the was throwing the kids so high up in the air...I love the way they turned out!
Chloe was all crazy in the air....
Preston acted like nothing was going on....

It's raining babies!
I know I always promise I will blog more and I really do have lots to share, but I am going to try a new strategy....maybe if I don't put pressure on myself, I will blog more :)
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Thursday, July 17, 2008


You may remember this little guy....he still currently holds the record for my longest newborn session (5 hours). I guess he felt kind of bad about that because he was the most perfect 3 month old EVER!!! In a photographers world, 3 month olds are really difficult to photograph. They aren't sleepy and curled up like newborns but they can't really hold their heads up yet...and I have to work REALLY hard to get a smile. Baby Liam, however, acted more like a 6 month old! He smiled and laughed and he could hold up his head! Check it out! Can you believe he is 3 months old?

Dad didn't want any part of being in pictures, but I tricked him :)
He already likes to grab hair! That part, I don't miss so much!
This is the bunny that his parents are pushing on him :) They WILL make him like it whether he likes it or not! True little cousin decided that her "lovie" was one of her mom's negligee's. She brought it EVERYWHERE with her and would not give it up...this is what can happen if you don't force a lovie on your child :)
Luckily, he does love it :)

So cute :) His nickname is Beansie....I am sure he will love and appreciate that nickname in years to come! It will stick too because I literally did not hear them call him Liam once!
In other news...I am already booking for holiday photos and filling up fast! I do plan on doing one or two mini-session dates to be announced in the very near future. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in either a full holiday session or a mini-session so I can get a running list of how many people are interested.

Thank you for all of the awesome feedback from my last post. My house is still a disaster but I was able to clean everything except the clutter. I am also ALL CAUGHT UP!!! It feels so good! Of course, I have two sessions this weekend so all caught up will not last for long, but I will celebrate tonight!

Til next time....
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