Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Lesnicks!

As are Holly's family portraits! Thanks for the great shoot guys!!

This is Holly's favorite!
This is the one I think should be their holiday card :)

Holly wanted a picture by herself lookin all good! Doesn't she look great? Way to go Holly!!
This is my favorite shot of the day! LOVE it!!
and this one too!

I have lots more holiday photo shoots to post! Until then....Happy Halloween everyone!!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yesterday was not a good day!
So I woke up yesterday and I was so dizzy...I couldn't even walk straight and it made me upset to my stomach...I should have just gone back to bed! But, I had a full day ahead of me so I sucked it up and went out.

The only bright point in my day was I got a shoot a HUGE Kindermusik family time class in the morning. What a fun class!! I highly recommend it to anyone out there that is considering it! When I got home, Charlie said he had a big surprise for me. I do not get excited when he says this...his surprises are always terrible! And this one wasn't any different! He had cut all of Dylan's hair off while I was gone!! I absolutely HATE it...I guess I just have to get used to it but I was not happy. Dylan on the other hand was thrilled! I guess that counts for something but I just do not like it :( He doesn't look the's making me really sad. are a couple new pictures to show off his new hair...sorry about the mess on his face...he just finished eating some doughnuts.

So, after the shock of the haircut, my Gators lost again to Georgia of all teams!! It put us out the race for the SEC title :( Oh well...we are rebuilding this year and next year...we are going to be dynamite (if Tim Tebow can manage to stay healthy!). But it is still depressing.

Stay tuned for the next's Holly's family pictures!! They are so cute!!

Til next time...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Family Portrait Time!
I teased you with this shoot a couple of weeks are the rest of the pictures from the beautiful Netzley family! Thank you for being patient with me and letting me try out some of my ideas!!

I LOVE this next series...I think it will be really special in the future!! Fast forward twenty years and this will be Kali's mom and sister helping her into her wedding dress! So sweet!

But I am pretty sure she won't be doing this on her wedding day...
We had a special shoot with just Kali (or Hurricane Kali as they like to call her!) because Nikki wanted a storyboard with shots from 18 months, 2 years, and 2 1/2 years...this is the last shoot in the series!

I love this one of the girls playing "peek a boo"

Til' later,


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Every year....

My MIL makes me enter Natalie into the Gap casting call! And every year she just can't understand why they don't pick her! I try to explain that they have millions of entries and the chance that someone will notice Natalie's picture is slim to none but she still just doesn't understand. So last night we went out to take some pictures...I wanted to try out a new hairstyle on Natalie...I think it looked cute! These were just practice shots to see how the new do looked in pictures but I actually think they turned out really good!
I thought this one was cute...I told her to shut her eyes and open on three because the sun was bothering her :)
This is the one I picked for the Gap casting call...

Natalie is ANTMing it up!!
Dylan couldn't stand to not have his picture taken too so he jumped into the background! They have such a special bond...her eyes light up when he is around!

Seriously...I love these next two! They are going to get ordered and put in my house (somewhere...I am running out of room!!)
I really liked this one, but Dylan had to stick his shoe into the photo!

Til later...


Friday, October 19, 2007

Holiday Card Templates!

The holiday card templates are in from my lab! Here is a link to all of the templates:

As a reminder, the price for these is $25.00 for sets of 25.

Don't forget that this year you also have the option of picking one of my custom designed holiday cards. Here is the link to check them out!
I am still designing and adding more to the gallery.

The costs for these are as follows:
1 set (24 cards) = $48.00
2 sets (48 cards) = $ 96.00
3 sets (72 cards) = $144.00
4 sets (96 cards) = $ 192.00
5 sets (120 cards) =$ 240.00

All cards are 5x7 designs and come with envelopes. They are also available on 100 # cardstock, pearl paper (has sheen on both sides) or linen which has a subtle embossed finish that resembles finely woven cloth.

And of course I cannot post without a couple of pictures :) We don't want this blog to get too serious!

**OK...I guess I am gonna have to edit this post later with the pictures because blogger is not letting me upload right now for some reason! I promise I will post them in a little bit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Kiddo's! (and Lucy)

Ok, totally procrastinating again but I have a good excuse. As a photographer, I spend so much time photographing other people's children that I rarely get to photograph mine. I have made a vow to myself to start photographing them more often (I have been inspired by the Kaisers!) Anyway...I had a couple of requests for "child model" shoots these past couple of weeks. Although it isn't much different then what I already do, I figured this was the perfect time to practice on Dylan and Natalie. I also wanted to practice that lens flare thing too ;)

Here are a couple of Dylan....Oh, I forgot...Charlie is making me cut Dylan's hair :-( I happen to LOVE his hair...he has the hair that I would give my left foot for, seriously! It is straight yet has body...beautiful blonde highlights and all of the shine in the world! I used to spend hours in the bathroom trying to get my hair look like the Pantene commercials to no avail. Dylan just naturally has that "Pantene" hair and I don't want to cut it! Anyway...I keep saying I will let him cut it AFTER I take some pictures so that was the other reason for these pics :)
And of course...a couple of Natalie....

And then I tried to practice the lens flare thing...but the kids weren't cooperating so I used good ole Lucy as a model :) She is such a good puppy!! It's not the best lens flare (I was still letting too much sun hit my lens...but that's why it's called practice!!)

Til later,
weddings photographer