Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Headshots!

Whew....I am worn out! I had 11 mini-sessions the other day! was tough!! But it was so much fun too...I will definitely have another one before Mother's Day. I didn't fill one spot so I had my "assistant" turn the camera on me. *disclaimer* I had already shot 6 mini-sessions at this point and was not feeling very glamorous...but at least we had some yummy light :) I wanted some new shots to use for my website and blog so I did it anyway. I'm not sure which one I like me! Which one says "I want you to take my pictures :)" Leave me a comment and let me know!





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k....back to editing pictures! I have sooo many sessions to edit but hopefully I will be able to clip through them pretty fast :)

Monday, March 10, 2008


A cool name for a totally cool chick! This is Natalie's best friend....also well versed in posing :) She totally rocked the shoot! Here are some of my favorites...

At one point the train came and we were stuck, plastered to a fence! A little scary, but we got a really cool picture out of it!

This is my favorite shot of the day...

I have 4:15, 5:15, and 6:45 still available for tonight! If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Easter Cards!

Ok, as promised, here are the rest of the easter/springtime (they are fully customizable and can be changed to say whatever you want!) cards. Also...I only have three more slots available for Monday evening! I'm getting a lot of good feedback about this so I will definitely schedule another one soon!!

Fuzzy Bunny Girl

Fuzzy Bunny Boy

Easter Sprinkles

Easter Flowers
Purple Candy

I hope you like the cards!! I think they are so cute :)

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Easter Mini-Sessions!!
Ok, we have a date scheduled for mini-sessions! Sorry this is so last minute, but Easter is right around the corner!! The date is Monday, March 10th. Sessions will start at 4:30 and last until 7:00. We are meeting on the north side of Park Avenue at the fountain across the street from the golf course and La Casa de Feliz. Don't forget we will have baby chicks and bunnies available to use in the photos. Please contact me at if you are interested in scheduling a 15 minute portrait session. The sessions will be $30.00 (for up to four people, additional people will be $10.00 per person) and include a gallery with a maximum of 20 edited pictures. In addition, all Easter cards will be discounted 20%.

4:30 Sharpe Family
4:45 Daigle Family
5:00 Gregory Family
5:15 Krantz Family
5:30 "Young" Sharpe Family
5:45 Taylor
6:00 Joachim Family
6:15 Stinson Family
6:30 open
6:45 open
7:00 open

Hurry up and book now before the rest of the slots fill up!!! Also...this doesn't necessarily have to be for can be used for Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts or portraits for the house without having to pay the full sitting fee. If you are interested but can't make it on Monday, shoot me an e-mail and let me know. If there is enough interest, I will schedule another date. Here are a couple of the Easter cards available...I have about 5 more that I am working on now and will be posting those very soon!
Easter Blossom Boy

Easter Blossom Girl

Easter Candy

Easter Itty Bitty

Blue Candy

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Catching up and Cleaning out the Hard Drive!

Boy, last week was a hard week! My poor little boy had a severe allergic reaction to something!! We still don't know what it was, but I have fallen behind on my work because I have been so busy tending to him. We have had to cut out all allerginic foods from his diet and he doesn't understand why. It has been a full-time job just keeping track of him and making sure he doesn't eat something that could possibly make him have another (and much worse) reaction. So everyone waiting on galleries from me, thank you for your patience! I am working late into the evening to try and catch up.

I am also trying to clean my hard drive! It is seriously overloaded!! I have so many pictures that either people haven't placed their orders yet or I want to blog and haven't had the chance. So tonight's blog is an attempt become one step closer to cleaning up the hard drive :) I photographed this family (who also happens to be some of my best friends and the little boy is Dylan's best friend) last October for the holidays (so what if I'm a little behind, LOL)! We had so much fun! They only have one child so I thought I would try out some fun, new, crazy things! They were down for anything so that made my job super easy! Here are some of my favorites...
This was my first attempt at texturing a photo...I am learning how to do this better everyday....but I really think it adds depth to certain photos and would look AWESOME on a canvas!
I told his parents to kiss eachother, and this was Timothy's reaction...heehee...I love it!Jumping off buildings is always fun for six year old boys!
Timothy being devious...
Another fun jumping picture!
This was totally unplanned...Timothy just started climbing the pole (being a six year old boy and all)...and they turned out to be some of my favorites from the shoot!
This might not be your typical family portrait but I love it! The reason I love it is because when my family is playing around like this, I try and take a mental picture so I can remember it always. I wish someone had a camera on us during these times so I actually had a real picture to look back at my family and remember the love and fun that we had together. I also think Timothy will look at this picture when he gets older and will be able to tell how much his mom and dad loved him...that makes my heart happy!
This one too!
A cute picture of mom and dad!

My favorite of the day! If this were my family, I would totally buy a huge print and hang it in my house!

Til next time (as I continue to clean up the hard drive!)


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Seamus!!

This post is bitter-sweet for little man turned one last week :( His parents were one of my very first clients and they will always hold a special place in my heart. Here is a look back at Seamus' first year of life!

Still in his beautiful mama's belly!
Fresh out of the womb...he was sooo tiny!!
Three months...starting to smile :)

Six months...the cutest little nakey baby butt EVER!!
9 months! He was a little tired for this shoot...
And finally one year!! How adorable is he?? I will post lots more from this shoot but I haven't finished editing it yet. will be another day or two before you get your gallery but here's one tiny sneak peek ;) They turned out AWESOME despite Seamus being extremely tired and sticking his fingers in his mouth the entire time!
**Don't forget to vote in the poll if you are interested in having a mini-session for easter!! The poll is located two posts down!!** case anyone was wondering, Austin did AMAZING just like I knew he would. He is on his way to a fast recovery. Please continue to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers :)
Til next time...
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