Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!
A couple of announcements!

1. Don't forget to vote in the poll if you are interested in having a mini-session with me for Easter! Those of you who get e-mails, you have to visit the blog to vote. Here is the link...

2. BIG CANVAS SALE!!! The company that I order canvases from is having a sale on canvases 24x30 and bigger and I am passing the sales right onto you! I don't know how many times I can say how awesome they are and if price is the reason you haven't purchased one, here's your chance! The sale only runs from March 1st thru 4th so you have to act quickly!! Here are the sale prices...

Size Regular Price Sale Price
24x30 $420.00 $273.00
24x36 $475.00 $310.00
30x40 $730.00 $475.00
40x60 $1260.00 $820.00
**And every size in between and bigger...please inquire for price if interested!

I will be ordering some myself so I can share with all of you but since I don't have my own, here are some AMAZING examples from some of my favorite photogs, the Kaiser's of The Image is Found:
These are two 40x60's!

Probably the coolest picture EVER!! in a 20x70 Panoramic Gallery Wrap!
And this last one is a 35x50! Isn't it so beautiful?? LOVE IT!
3. I found this super cool website for consumers considering a "custom photographer." It answers a lot of questions some of you may have about why choose a custom photographer over a studio, why a custom photographer costs more money, why prints are more expensive, how to choose a custom photographer, ect, ect, ect...Here is the link: Professional Child Photographer
Here is a family session I shot back in December...I think it embodies the essence of a "custom photographer." You would NEVER get these images in a studio and to me, these are so much more special.
I call this session, "The Many Faces of Dylan."

At first he was a little wary of me....

But then I let his mom and dad swing him!
And throw him up in the air!
And he started to warm up to me....and forget my camera was there :)
There was lots of laughter after that!
And kisses and hugs!
Playing on train tracks...
But then a train came....and he was a little scared! (How funny are these two images?? LOVE THEM!!).
Giggles with dad...
Tickles with mom!!
These are the faces that you forget they make.
As they grow up and become independent....
But they still need you...for now :)

Sorry this was such a long post...I didn't plan on that!

Til next time....


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Beautiful Cousin!

A couple of weeks ago (actually more like two months ago, but who's counting), my cousin Natalie, her two friends and I ventured out for a little photo shoot. She wanted some pictures of her and her girlfriends having fun together. We happened to pick the COLDEST day of the year! It was FREEZING (the high was in the 40's!). I seriously had frostbite on my hands by the end of the day. But the girls were bound and determined to to the pictures done on this day and who was I to argue? I definitely do not envy photographers who live in cold climates! Despite the cold, we had a blast! These girls were sooo much fun to work with...they take pictures of themselves constantly so they already knew how to pose and how to work their angles :) In the words of Tyra...they were FIERCE! Here are some of my favorites of Natalie's solo shoot. I will post the other pictures in more posts!

This one is her mom's favorite...isn't she gorgeous!?!?!
Natalie evoking ANTM spirits :) (That's America's Next Top Model for all of you who live in a cave, LOL)!
If the girls weren't crazy enough to go out in the frigid air, we had planned a second outfit...a tiny little dress! AHH!! And the sun was setting...I think my car thermometer had dropped to the thirties by this point. To top it all off (because my name is Dr. Evil), I made them go to the top of a windy parking garage! You can't even tell...Natalie is a pro!
Gorgeous girl in yummy, buttery afternoon sunlight! Doesn't she look like a model?

Also, a bit of news...I have been thinking about doing 15 minute mini-sessions for Easter. I have several Easter card options that I will be posting here very shortly. My friend even volunteered baby chicks and bunnies to use in the photos. Use the poll below to vote! If enough people are interested I will pick a date and post details.

Til next time...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sweet Austin!

Please keep this little guy and his family in your prayers and thoughts today! He is having hip surgery and will be in a full body cast for six weeks! He is so brave and strong and I know he will recover quickly. His poor parents probably need the prayers more than he does! But, as you can see from the pictures, he has the best parents in the world and he is so lucky to have them.

How freakin' cute is he? Couldn't you just get lost in those eyes?

Such a gorgeous family!
I LOVE this next picture...probably one of my all time favorites. I don't know why...I just think it is so cute....I think it captures him. I told him I was gonna come and get him ( you know, a little tickle to make him smile) and he hid in between his dad's legs...too cute!!

A little sun flare and wide angle lens ;)
I love this can feel the emotion coming right out of the's what I strive to capture everyday. This is why I do what I do and why I love it!
So cute...don't you wish a darn flower made you this happy and excited??
Yummy...afternoon golden sunlight backlighting my subjects....why can't it just be like this all day every day!

Good luck today!! I know everyone will do great!! Thanks for being one of the most awesome families, EVER!

Til next time,


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spotlight on Gallery Canvas Wraps!

I always get tons of questions from clients about these...what exactly is a gallery canvas wrap? The one word answer is art. If you look below to the samples, you will see what I mean. They are basically images printed directly onto canvases and then stretched around a wooden frame. They come ready to hang in your household without the headache of matting and framing. They are more expensive than standard prints, however, when you factor in the cost of matting and framing (and in my case two or three frames because pictures like to fall off of the walls) they really aren't that expensive. I am ordering several of these for my office and to bring with me to show. I am also thinking about a contest for one lucky client to win one of these gorgeous pieces of art...I will be announcing the details soon!

As seen in the middle picture, you can even split the picture up into three (or as many as you like) different panels!
The company that I order from also just released these amazing new templates...perfect for a new baby, birthday collage or graduating seniors. There are lots of templates to choose from but here are a couple of examples!

Another way to do the baby parts cute it that??Baby girl templates...Baby Boy templates.... Senior templates....

They also offer these super cool floating frames (again...ready to hang, nothing to worry about!) These are for the clients that like the 3 dimensional look of the gallery wrap but also like the classic look of a frame. Each frame is handmade and customized to any size print! Choose from 8 different frames to match the decor of your house. Here are some examples...

I would love to hear what everyone thinks about these products....leave feedback in the comment box!
Til next time!

PS...I haven't received my last two posts in my e-mail I the only one??
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